Our Retirement Essentials Package

Do you wonder at what age you will be financially confident enough to retire? Would you like to better understand what your retirement may look like if your income changes? How does caring for aging parents affect your ability to retire? Are you concerned that you may be spending too much and not have enough to retire at the age you want? How does relocation or downsizing affect your retirement plan? How does social security or long-term care expenses affect retirement? Our advisors can help answer all of these questions and help put a plan in place that pursues your retirement goals.

What We’ll Do:

  • Discuss retirement goals and options
  • Build out various retirement scenarios
  • Provide objective recommendations
  • Identify most feasible strategy for working towards goal
  • Develop action plan

What You’ll Get:

  • Clarity on your retirement plan and key improvement areas
  • Scenario modeling using age, income, and spending variables
  • Education and objective advice on spending/budgeting
  • Action plan that pursues your retirement goals

Who Is This Right For?

  • People looking to retire in the next 10 years

Starts at $8,000

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