Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum investment?

For wealth management, relationships start at $2 Million. For investment services only,  the minimum is $500,000. That said, there are asset levels that make more sense than others to ensure that the fees we charge will make sense for you. Ultimately, our “minimum” is more qualitative than quantitative –  most importantly, you have to like us, and we have to like you. We would not work with a $50 million client if it were a bad fit and we would work with a $2 million client if it were a good fit. Talk to an advisor and the compatibility can be better assessed in a discussion. If the need is more “start up” oriented and the fees would be inappropriate relative to the assets, our advisors will direct you a flat fee financial planning engagement that may be more appropriate.

How much do you charge?

We primarily work off of an asset-based fee, anywhere from 0.5% to 1.5% of the assets being managed, depending on the size and scope. But we offer flat-fee engagements as well, and so tailor the pricing to each client’s situation. What is most important to us is that our fee is holistic – covering the wide array of services we offer – and it is transparent. You clearly see what you are paying, our total compensation. When using advisory services, you can be confident we do not receive hidden fees, third party compensation, or other forms of payment off our relationship with you. What you pay is terminable at any point with no penalty to you, and as you are the one compensating us – our focus is delivering value to you. 

How do I open an account?

You don’t. We do. Before one becomes a client we need to go through a process with you – to know you, to make recommendations for you, to generate a proposal for you, etc. Start with a conversation with an advisor. We’ll take it from there. And if and when it gets to the point of opening accounts, our fantastic operations team does all the heavy lifting.

How can I view my account online?

You will have convenient online access found on our website.

I don’t know a lot about investing. Will you be able to explain unfamiliar topics to me in a way that’s easily understood?

Investing and financial planning can be confusing and intimidating topics for many clients. Ongoing education and guidance are a big part of what the relationship with our team will provide when we work together. Whether you want a deeper understanding of concepts or a basic explanation of what we can provide, we are always willing and available to offer clear and easy-to-understand guidance.

Where can I find information on your investments?

Out of the process described above, any proposal we generate will cover as much or as little investment granularity as is warranted and appropriate. But we are a boutique private wealth advisor, not a mutual fund company. Our investment management is customized.

What is your investment philosophy?

Our firm’s philosophy prioritizes growing wealth while managing risk. We seek to provide our client’s returns that align with their specific risk tolerance and personal goals while managing downside risks. Risk and rewards have a strong correlation with each other, so we seek to optimize returns without taking outsized risks to work towards those returns.

How often do you make changes in my portfolio?

You can expect to see trades in your account on a quarterly basis as your portfolio is rebalanced. There are instances where trading may be more active such as during account transfer, new cash that needs to be invested, or a change to your overall strategy. If you see 0 trades in your account during a quarter, it means we determined no further action was required. You can rest assured that we are monitoring your account at all times.

Are you available to answer my questions when I have them? Will I be billed for each time I call you?

We are always available to answer your questions and we won’t send you an invoice either! Both our wealth management and financial planning engagements include full access to the entire Wealth Advisors team. We are available to answer your questions by phone, email or Zoom and are committed to providing accurate and timely answers to your questions.

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