Client Communication Preferences

<<First name>>, we’re excited to work with you! Before we hop off today I wanted to ask about your communication preferences. Are you okay with receiving SMS text messages from our advisors and support staff from time to time? These messages will only be sent between 9a and 8p in your time zone. 

The types of SMS texts you might receive include updates about the status of your accounts, requests for information needed to service/maintain your accounts, alerts about your accounts, information about ideas/strategies our advisors believe you should know about, and offers to schedule meetings. We also often use SMS texting to confirm meetings, though this could also come from an advisor’s or admin’s personal cell. 

This SMS number can also serve as a communication channel for you to reach out to us proactively. If you prefer to receive updates and communications via email or phone calls rather than SMS text, please feel free to let me know, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your communication preference

You can easily choose to opt-out at any time by replying with the word ‘STOP.’ Upon receiving your message, we will promptly respond with a confirmation: ‘You have successfully opted out. To resubscribe, reply with ‘START’.’ Do you have any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, the types of SMS text communications you may receive, or the process of opting out and resubscribing?

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